Advanced Training in the –


Students who have completed their training in the LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL℠ and who have demonstrated proficiency in treating clients using the Protocol are invited to attend the Advanced Training in the –

This includes 3 more Levels of training.

Level 2 through Level 4 trainings address the symptoms that arise from more complex co-infections, as well as the underlying autoimmune issues that long-term chronic Lyme sufferers need to resolve to return to health and well-being.

Autoimmune issues are present in many chronic health conditions, and so the Advanced Training begins to move practitioners toward working with other systemic and chronic issues.

Level 2 through Level 4 includes:

• Manual with pairs for addressing complex co-infections, autoimmune and cytomegaloviruses
• Support strategies for assisting the clients return to wellness
• Practice on volunteer clients with the relevant symptom history
• Discussion of requirements for Certification in the Advanced Training