Prerequisites & Ancillary Training

Preparing to Attend Training for the –


Effectively assessing and treating clients while maintaining your healthy body and a hygienic practice environment are key factors for a successful practice.

The required prerequisites explained below include programs offered by colleagues whose information, presentation and competency I personally know and trust.

The content of each prerequisite is required, it is not required that the Practitioner use these resources. Practitioners applying to attend training for the LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL℠ will need to confirm the completion of these important prerequisites prior to being accepted to the training.

I receive no financial compensation for Practitioners who attend the programs offered below. These resources are offered as a service to you with no strings attached!

Mandatory Prerequisites:

There are several important prerequisites that must be completed prior to attending the training for the LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL℠. Please note, having knowledge of or taking these prerequisites in advance does not guarantee entry into the program.  Applicants following an extensive interview process will be notified at a later date if they have been accepted into the program.  At that time, if additional study is necessary to attend the training, programs can be discussed and recommended.

The LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL℠ relies heavily on these elements, but they are not taught or covered in any detail in the training program. Without the relevant background context, practitioners flounder with the protocol.

Holistic Anatomy & Physiology

A working knowledge of anatomy is essential for effective treatment of Lyme patients with the LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL℠. Magnets are placed in pairs on specific parts of the patient’s body to neutralize pH and support the die-off of pathogens.

It is not necessary to take a comprehensive, medically rigorous Anatomy & Physiology course. You will not use the micro-level content of such a course.

Muscle Testing — Kinesiology

This Protocol relies in part on the client’s body wisdom to determine treatment requirements. This wisdom is non-verbal. If you have learned to assess and treat in your practice using muscle testing (kinesiology), you have met one of the prerequisites for the training for the LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL℠.

You will need to articulate the training that you have completed in muscle testing, as well as the extent to which you use it in your current client practice on the application form. If you have completed training but do not currently actively apply muscle testing, consider retraining. It’s an essential component of the protocol and you may find that you’re lagging behind others who actively use muscle testing in their practice.

Energy Hygiene — Self-care & energetic boundaries
(Optional but highly recommended before or after completion of Level 1 Training)

People with Lyme disease are seriously ill. The use of magnets as the primary treatment modality means that energy will be sloughing off and releasing from people’s physical and emotional body. These energies are causative factors in their lack of well-being – their dis-ease. And these releasing energies ‘infect’ the treatment space and the practitioner unless there are simple, relevant energy hygiene protocols in place to disperse the energies appropriately.

Clearing, Aligning, Balancing Energy
Clearing, Aligning, Balancing Energy

New Age theorems, Reiki practices such as ‘White Light Protection’ and ‘Highest Possible Good’ are not energy hygiene. Applying for the training for the LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL℠ requires you to describe specific skills that you apply as an energy hygiene protocol for a boundaried, clean practice environment and self-care strategies that manages Astral (Emotional) and Etheric (physical) energy releases.

Energy Healing
(Optional but highly recommended before or after completion of Level 1 Training)

The body is a holistic, integrated system, consisting of interacting physical, emotional and mental energies. While disease manifests in the physical body, the emotions and beliefs of the client inform the body. There may be emotional and mental correlations to the disease that are identified during the LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL℠ treatment. To the extent possible, these correlations are treated with energy healing – the clearing of energies in the subtle body.

Patients who have chronic Lyme hold emotional energies in their body that do more to support the pathogens (through weakness and deficient life-force — prana), and blockages between their body and emotions.

Learning a systems-based approach to energy healing (beyond Reiki or other simple forms of energy work) supports a patient to release and let go of pathogens, blockages and stuck, repressed emotions.

The patients who receive energy healing in conjunction with the LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL℠ return to wellness more rapidly and completely.

A great introduction to energy healing is this book entitled:
Basic Psychic Development: A User’s Guide to Auras, Chakras & Clairvoyance