The LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL℠ is a therapy modality developed by Joan Randall of Integrative Wellness that targets the symptoms of Lyme disease through a neutralizing of the vibrational signature of the pathogens in the various points where the magnets are placed. This neutralization creates a homeopathic environment for pathogens — bacteria, fungus, parasite and virus. The pathogens die and the body sheds them, restoring vitality, harmony and balance.

Research & Treatment History

Integrative Wellness began working with the Biomagnetic Pair Therapy treatment created by Dr. Goiz from the Bay Area in California. Dr. Goiz had researched and uncovered points in the body that house pathogens.

Specific points tend to harbor certain diseases. Applying magnets to the points neutralizes the body, diminishing acidity and inflammation upon which pathogens flourish.

Current Treatment Protocol

Because of my location in Woodstock, VT and my own experience with healing from the symptoms of Lyme Disease, I specialize in treating patients who suffer from these symptoms.

I discovered hundreds of additional points on the body that require magnetic treatment to eliminate the pathogens that contribute to the complex and difficult symptoms of Lyme Disease. I have created, tested, documented the LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL℠ and now teach it to practitioners who want to integrate the work into their client practice.

For example, Borellia burgdorferi, the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease, is a cause of both localized and systemic infection. The points in the body where Borellia is frequently harbored is the Costal Hepatic and the Liver. To rid the body of Borellia, these points receive magnetic treatment – for roughly 20 minutes.

The treatment therapy is aggressive, comprehensive and unique. I work in concert with your body’s intelligence and wisdom so that you can fully heal and restore your vitality.

Your Astral and Etheric energy is also treated during the magnet session – to encourage your mind-body connection to engage and flourish. The magnets and energy clearing do the heavy lifting of neutralizing pH and restoring vitality.

Session Description

An initial session (approximately 1.5 hours) begins with a brief review of your Patient Intake Form to understand the scope of your concerns and an understanding of your symptoms.

Based on your symptoms, a roadmap for magnetic therapy emerges.

You are asked to bring a clean pair of socks to wear during the treatment session. Once you are settled on the table, I conduct a Kinesiology Assessment to identify where your body is harboring pathogens.

The Kinesiology Assessment uses the legs and feet to generate answers to questions about the points needing treatment, which are based on the symptoms you’ve shared with me at the beginning of the session. Your right leg shortens in answer to my questions determining which points will be treated with the LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL℠.

I alternatively use a pendulum to determine points and other treatment-related information.

Magnets – a positive and negative charge – are placed on the entry and exit points – in the Borellia example referenced above, the negative charge is placed on the Costal hepatic and the positive charge is placed on the Liver.

You will have magnets placed on your body in multiple locations, depending on the results of the Kinesiology Assessment. During the time that the magnets are in place, patients generally relax deeply, move into light trance, or fall asleep.

Energy Clearing

There may be emotional and mental correlations to the disease that are identified through the Assessment. To the extent possible, these correlations will be treated with energy healing – clearing of energies in the subtle body. The body is an integrated system, consisting of multiple interacting fields or planes of awareness. While disease manifests in the physical body, the emotions and beliefs of the patient inform the body. You’ll simply relax and receive the treatment – magnets and energy.

Subsequent Sessions

Multiple sessions are required to fully eliminate the symptoms of Lyme Disease. Depending on your overall vitality, the complexity of your symptoms, you’ll return for treatment as rapidly as possible. Session times average 45 minutes for ongoing treatment.

And yes, there is an end in sight. From the time you walk through the door for your initial treatment, you’re on your way to reclaiming your body, health, energy and vitality.

It is an honor to work with each client to overcome the symptoms of Lyme and to watch the amazing and beautiful process of the body healing itself.