What My Students are Saying

Words cannot express my deepest appreciation for this training.  This powerful protocol you have created resonates so much with me.  Your compassion and teaching style is exceptional. I am grateful to embrace this learning process and execute it well.

Thank you!
Janelle E. Salzman, OT/L, CAP, RM

Thank you for an incredible training! What a learning experience that was. I’m loving this work, and the opportunity to learn it from the source was a huge gift!

Ellen Donaldson, Medford, MA

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your teaching and patience. This is important work, and I’m grateful to learn it from you.
Barbara H.

I really enjoyed the training and have clients lined up for next few days.
I feel prepared to Go For It!
Thank you, thank you!

The practice sessions have been super valuable and inform my client treatments daily.  I grow each time I make the trip to Vermont to a practice session.  The sessions make us all better, smarter more effective Lyme Magnetic Protocol practitioners. I learn so much from Joan’s experience and feedback as we review our most challenging cases and questions with her.  It’s been an important part of becoming a highly effective, confident and skilled practitioner using the Lyme Magnetic Protocol ℠ that Joan developed and teaches.

Goiz Certified Biomagnetic Pair Therapist
Lyme Magnetic Protocol Trained