Certification in the –


Practitioners choose to certify in professional training programs for different reasons, including:

  • the desire to demonstrate competency and receive the recognition and benefits that accompany a rigorous certification process.
  • credibility with clients and other practitioners
  • deepen learning with an accountable model that the organization deems appropriate for proving efficacy
  • personal satisfaction
  • premium pricing leverage and/or market differentiation

Certification in the LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL℠ is not required, though it is recommended for those Practitioners who intend to make the work a significant part of their client practice.

Benefits of Certification

  • A clear statement of your efficacy as a practitioner, treating the symptoms of a very serious and complex disease
  • Certified practitioners of the LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL℠ will be listed on Joan Randall’s website as a referral source to patients seeking treatment
  • Eligible for LMP updates as they emerge
  • 50% discounts on retraining on the LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL℠
  • Certification validates the integration of the LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL℠ and its use in diverse and complex Lyme disease cases.
  • Ongoing training and support is offered to certifying Practitioners during the course of the Certification process through Practice Sessions and other online and classroom experiences.
  • Updates on pairs as they become available.
  • Opportunity to apply to assist as a teacher’s aide at a future training on LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL℠. Teacher’s aides attend the training at no charge.

Certification Requirements

Here’s an overview of the requirements for Certification in the LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL℠:

  • Attend a minimum of two Practice Sessions, which can be completed in a row. Three Practice Sessions are included in the Certification fee.
  • Successfully and fully treat a minimum of 10 clients. It will take multiple sessions to successfully and completely treat the 10 clients.
  • Complete treatment plan & progress chart spreadsheets for each of the 10 clients who will be submitted for Certification.
  • Each of the 10 clients must complete a Client Symptoms Survey between each treatment for submission with each client treatment plan.
  • Submit the documentation for your 10 treatment clients and all relevant reporting for review and feedback. Feedback will be provided to deepen learning, correct treatment protocol and validate the overall work effort.
  • Complete the requirements for all pre-requisite training programs including, Energy Hygiene, Muscle testing, Holistic Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Demonstrate professional demeanor, ethics, confidentiality and other essential behaviors for a client practice.
  • Practicum

The Certification Practicum takes place after the 10 sessions have been reviewed by the Instructor.

  • Written evaluation — a 60-minute exam where elements of the LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL℠ and the pairs for co-infections will be reviewed and tested. To continue with Certification a passing grade of 70% must be achieved.
  • Client session — the Practitioner will demonstrate an effective and appropriate initial client session within a 90-minute timeframe.

Certification is rigorous, fair and essential for those practitioners who want to make the LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL℠ a major offering in their practice.

A Certificate of Achievement is awarded for successful completion of all of the Certification Requirements and the Practicum.

The Practitioner may try up to two times to achieve Certification. Remedial learning can be completed by attending additional Practice Sessions until it is deemed appropriate to apply for Certification again. In some cases the Practitioner may be advised to retake the 4-day LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL℠ Training at a reduced tuition.

Certification Fee: $995

  • Certification and Training tuition must be paid for in full before the Practicum can be scheduled.
  • Certification must be completed within 12 months of initiating the process.