About Joan Randall

Joan Randall - Integrative Wellness

Joan Randall facilitates healing with patients in her Integrative Wellness practice offering her LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL℠, energy healing, nutrition and wellness practices. Her transition from nonprofit service to creating her healing practice was initiated following a complete recovery from Lyme Disease.

After trying multiple combinations of antibiotics and herbal remedies that proved ineffective, she received Biomagnetic Pair Therapy and energy medicine, which temporarily restored her well-being and stimulated her interest in learning to treat complex Lyme Disease symptoms.

To begin her exploration Joan became a board certified Holistic Practitioner with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She certified in Biomagnetic Pair Therapy with Dr. Goiz, and has completed her certification with Energy Healing Institute and Jill Leigh.

As her Lyme disease returned, Joan realized that she was embarking on a multi-year discovery process that has resulted in the development and trademarking of the LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL℠ which she now uses to successfully eradicate the symptoms of Lyme Disease and its many co-infections. Joan offers and practices a multi-dimensional approach to facilitating healing.

Joan is now teaching the LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL℠  to professional practitioners who want to incorporate treating Lyme symptoms with clients in their practices.

Prior to becoming a healing practitioner, Joan worked 17 years in the medical field before relocating to Vermont. Once settled there she pursued her desire to give back to the community. She began by working for the nonprofit Vermont Institute for Natural Science. She then filled the position of Executive Director at the Woodstock Area Council of Aging at the Thompson Center. Her last non-profit role was overseeing the development of the new Presidential Library and headquarters as Executive Director for The Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation in Plymouth,VT.