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• Unless otherwise noted, training takes place in the Woodstock, VT vicinity.
• Pre-requesites must be completed after acceptance into the training for the Lyme Magnetic Protocol℠. No exceptions!
• Deposit must be received in full on or before the start date of the class, then an ongoing payment schedule is put into place.
• This is not a weekend workshop, this is a complex protocol with a steep learning curve.
• Please do not apply for this training if you’re not prepared to do the work involved to master the protocol and launch/integrate the modality in a client practice.

All students must fill out an application:

Student Application

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    1. What is your current occupation?

    2. Please list any and/or all training and applied experience in the healing arts:

    3. What attracts you to learning and practicing the Lyme Magnetic Protocol?

    4. Do you have a client practice where you’ll apply the Lyme Magnetic Protocol?

    5. Have you or anyone you know experienced the symptoms of Lyme Disease? Describe your experience (or the individual you knows’ experience) with the effect of the Lyme and co-infection symptoms on overall wellness and lifestyle. If you have Lyme disease, what is your current state of wellness?

    6. How familiar are you with the latest literature/medical research on Lyme Disease? What have you read?

    7. Have you taken Anatomy & Physiology? Where and when?

    8. I understand that I am applying to learn the complex Lyme Magnetic Protocol. To master the work, I understand that it is important to attend ongoing practice sessions, work with pro bono practice clients to gain experience treating complex Lyme symptoms. I am prepared to certify in the protocol and manage the logistics of launching/running a client practice.


    Thank you for your application.
    We will get back to you as soon as we can.
    Please do not pay until your application has been approved.

    Available Training Dates:

    To be announced.