Introduction to Our Trainings

Introduction to the
and Post-Covid Magnetic Protocol Trainings

Trainings Offered by: Integrative Wellness, LLC
Instructor: Joan Randall


After many years of testing and exploring established Lyme treatment protocols, Joan Randall of Integrative Wellness has developed a rigorous and comprehensive LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL for the treatment and eradication of the disease and its co-infections. This treatment protocol has evolved to incorporate thorough assessment to determine the scope of co-infections, and a treatment plan to aggressively and systematically eliminate the symptoms of Lyme Disease in very few sessions.

Treatment once consisted of very few magnetic pairs, today there are more than 1,500 pairs treated with complex Lyme cases, depending on the correlative co-infections. I’ve identified the majority of these pairs delivering thousands of sessions to clients with chronic Lyme symptoms in my private practice.

A few other pairs have been identified by other practitioners and are referenced and credited in the LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL.

Though beyond the scope of this course, LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL additionally uses energy healing protocols to balance the Physical/Etheric and Astral/Emotional bodies. These protocols are incorporated to address energetic issues that contribute to the chronic inability to heal and resolve a disease.

Our training programs are designed for the student who would like to have a career in Bio-Magnetic Therapy.  Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistance, Acupuncturist, and other healing art practitioners can use this modality for their patient’s population that does not respond to standard treatments.

Joan Randall strives for 95% of her students to achieve a successful career in this field.  She asks a lot from her students and in turn she works closely with her students to ensure their success.

This is not a weekly seminar training, but a highly engaged training for serious students.  

Each Level Builds upon the previous level.  The courses are designed to allow the student to master each level before moving to the next.  The student chooses how fast or how far they want to study.  Some students are happy with what they have learned in Level 1 and stay in Level 1 for years. Others want to progress rapidly, treating complex chronic Lyme Disease and other auto immune diseases.

The program and its multiple levels are taught to keep you current with your client’s progress through the protocol.

This is a “Living Breathing Protocol”.  There will always be additional updates- a practitioner should stay current for the benefit of your client/patient population by attending any appropriate continuing education classes offered.

Lyme Disease & Co-infections

Most clients with Lyme are well versed in the disease, its symptoms, and many co-infections; and they have tried multiple treatments to return to wellness with little or no success. The LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL teaches Practitioners to use clients symptoms as a guide to systematically investigate and treat a complex case of chronic Lyme, prioritized by the body through muscle monitoring.

Lyme disease is pandemic in many parts of the world, and has historically proven difficult to successfully cure. Over time it’s been discovered that Lyme co-infection pathogens such as Babesia hide in scar tissue, tattoos, moles and Borellia for example, the teeth and jaw.

The protocol teaches more than 1,500 researched and identified pairs to treat Lyme and co-infection symptoms.

For those who appear to be symptom free, a tick bite can create a full return to Lyme and its co-infections in less than 24 hours! These good people thought they were free of the disease, and instead, the disease was underground, reactivated by a fresh influx of pathogens in their physical body.

Many practitioners are faced with Lyme cases and do their best with the tools they have available. And many — perhaps you — are seeking a treatment protocol that is curative rather than palliative.

Antibiotics, herbs, homeopathy, hyperbaric, detox, diet contribute to managing and lessening symptoms; but it’s a relatively rare individual who is fully cured of the symptoms of Lyme and its co-infections.

The LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL matches treatment to the symptoms through muscle testing, magnetic pair placement and energy healing. When the symptoms are resolved, the pathogen has cleared the body and the body turns to balance and wellness. Through multiple treatments, the symptoms are eliminated, the body strengthens as the symptoms diminish.