Muscle Testing – Kinesiology – Training

Muscle Testing – Kinesiology

This is a one-day course for those preparing to train with me, Joan Randall, through the Lyme Magnetic Protocol℠.  This is a hands-on one-day course and not an opportunity for virtual learning.

This is an opportunity to hone your muscle testing skills and to learn the technique that is used in LMP.  

Muscle Testing – Kinesiology is an important prerequisite that must be completed prior to attending the Lyme Magnetic Protocol℠ Training. Many applicants desiring to train may have knowledge of, personally experienced or currently practice kinesiology. It is my experience those proficient in Kinesiology are more effective LMP practitioners.

We understand how important it is to help you elevate your confidence around muscle testing prior to making the commitment to the LMP Training.  Most of you desiring to contribute to this work ask the same question. “Will I be able to muscle test?’  We understand this question comes from a deep desire to know if you have what it takes to make a difference. Helping others achieve a higher quality of health through LMP starts with effective muscle testing. 

You will also learn how to ask the correct question while muscle testing.  This class has been adopted from the study of Kinesiology and is not a true class in Kinesiology.  This is tailored for students who want to train in the Lyme Magnetic Protocol℠.  If you desire further training in Kinesiology, Kate Rafferty, a colleague and former student of the LMP,  in Cambridge, MA has on-going trainings.  

Students will learn:

  • Ground your energy
  • Maintain your energy field/personal hygiene through muscle testing 
  • Ask questions in a way that evokes a body response through muscle testing 
  • Tap into your wisdom and the wisdom of those you muscle test 
  • Actively engage in Muscle Testing – Kinesiology via your client’s feet.
  • Take what you learn home to practice.  Daily practice, like with any skill is necessary to enhance your proficiency.  
  • Learn how to use a pendulum

Our Trainings:

This is offered in-person.

Additional dates will be offered if it is felt it is needed to fully comprehend this material.